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[Gundam 00] Language of Flowers

Title: Language of Flowers
Fandom: Gundam 00
Pairing: Setsuna/Feldt
Rating: G
Wordcount: 692
Notes: Prompt was "flowers," predictably enough.
Summary: Feldt takes Setsuna to the best place she can think of: a garden.

They catch only moments of rest time on Earth, before departing for Jupiter. Celestial Being no longer works against the world, having understood how little truly comes from that, but the rest of the world has yet to understand that. Perhaps they never will. Is that the same, then, as working against the world after all? How much has changed?

Still, it doesn't matter to Feldt, what the rest of the world understands or doesn't understand. She has her family here with her--smaller than it once was, different, but they are still hers, and she still needs them. She has Setsuna. Perhaps that is a selfish way of thinking, but all she can do about it is to be the best Feldt she can be for them. For Setsuna.

She tells Sumeragi that she wishes they could stay for longer, and then she apologizes for saying so, because she knows it's nothing Sumeragi has a choice about. They must depart for Jupiter. But she has so much she'd like to do here on Earth, even if it's only for a little while. Over the last five years, she has shown much to Mileina and even sometimes to Tieria (who is gone-but-not-gone now, but as he is in the computers, it is easy for her to understand he is only sleeping), but her new ideas of showing things to Setsuna are strange and unfamiliar to her. She wants to begin on them as much as she can.

They have time to visit only one place on Earth. Feldt regrets this but accepts it. She chooses to take Setsuna to a garden, and he looks at her with those eyes grown strange (but which are still his, and she will never forget that, because he most of all is the one who protects the family she cares for so much), but he does not object. He goes with her.

Feldt is so glad for that. She does not yet know how to express her feelings towards him, though they may be obvious to some. She has confessed them haltingly to Tieria, and Mileina has finally, after some fumbling, figured them out, but Feldt cannot speak them to Setsuna in even the most broken of ways. So instead she takes the flowers and recites to him the names that Haro taught her in their visits over the years. She has heard that there is a language of flowers, but she doesn't know it. She only knows what they mean to her, and perhaps what they might someday mean to Setsuna.

Violet. A patch of them, growing free at the edges of the garden. They mean that even the smallest gesture can be beautiful. She tries to explain this to Setsuna, in fumbling words, and it does not come through. But he understands anyway, somehow, and he takes the knowledge into his heart.

Hyacinth. They smell so pretty. Feldt thinks they mean not to forget to look at things in different ways, even if it means doing more than looking sometimes. Setsuna agrees, although Feldt strugles to tell him about it. He will remember all the same.

Lily. It is such a beautiful flower, and for some reason, it is associated with death and funerals. Even the smallest amount of research told her so. But she thinks perhaps this means that even in the face of loss, beauty can remain. It's a tentative conclusion, she explains hesitantly to Setsuna. It is all right; he smiles a little as she tells him.

Rose. Even Feldt has read a little poetry about this one. That a single thing, one small and sometimes frail collection of petals, can mean so much to the human heart--that means something in and of itself. Setsuna thinks so too. He says that the yellow flower from the Middle East that she gave him before the final battle is like that: it means so many things to his heart. She flushes and stammers when he says so, and she does not know why.

There is still much she cannot show him. In the end, she only holds his hand, and he understands.
Tags: feldt, fluff, gundam 00, prompted, setsuna, setsuna/feldt, shortfic

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