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which direction will you send your arrow?

mercy is still asking questions; ruthless has gone and explained

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G Gundam (multiple)
G Gundam, communicate
annwyd wrote in archerastar
Title: Reach
Pairing: Rain/Allenby, hints of Rain/Allenby/Domon
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 345
Notes: Sort of a missing scene from the Rain vs. Allenby fight.
Summary: In the middle of battle, Rain learns something about what fighting means to Allenby.

Allenby was on her now. Rain and Rising Gundam: both had no more choice but to fight back to free her.

It only took a moment.

"Rising Arrow!"

Rain was amazed. She'd never felt a moment stretch like that before into an eternity of sudden understanding. She'd never felt that kind of power in her hands. She'd never understood Domon the way she did now, for this fleeting instant (which seemed to be forever). But that was the strangest part of all: it wasn't Domon she was feeling. The arrow connected, and she felt Allenby.

They stood there together in the place where Gundams met, Allenby's teeth bared, Rain's hand outstretched to just barely brush her chest. "Why?" Rain asked. "Why do you keep fighting, Allenby? The Berserker system is destroyed!"

"I love him," Allenby said, and Rain's heart leapt with joy as she realized that it was Allenby's voice alone. "I've got to fight to show that!"

Rain opened her mouth to protest. She wanted to tell Allenby that wasn't true, that there were other ways of showing love, that it was the DG cells making her think such terrible things--but she knew in her heart, in the space between Gundams, that no words would get through to Allenby now. They could only communicate with their fists, and Rain still didn't know how to do that. But for a moment--

For a moment, she understood how other people did. She understood not just what Domon felt, but what Allenby felt. And she wanted more than ever to save her.

Rain had her own way of communicating with her fists. Instead of closing her hands, she opened them, and she put them around Allenby's fists. "Allenby," she said. "We'll fight together to show him. You can help teach me how to reach him."

Something in Allenby's eyes lit up--

--and then it was over, and the explosion took over everything. Understanding slipped away from Rain, and she knew only one thing: she had to save Allenby. That, at least, she still understood.

Title: What He Fights For
Pairing: Domon/Rain
Rating: G
Wordcount: 217
Notes: Shameless fluff. Post-series.
Summary: Rain learns new ways of looking at Domon.

Step by step, they renewed the world.

There was so much work to do. Whole cities lay in ruins, and the countryside was smashed and shattered by the stomping of Gundam feet. But all the colonies worked together now. They could do this. They had confidence in each other.

The rebuilding and the confidence alike spiraled down into smaller scales, until it reached one pair of human beings. Rain and Domon had to rebuild too. There was no thought for them of returning to the colonies. They had grown intertwined on Earth, and on Earth together they would continue their journey, this time creating instead of destroying.

And that was where the problem lay. Domon didn't know how to create. He could barely speak words that created bonds between souls. Even now, though he told Rain, "I love you," almost every night, he stuttered and fumbled when he said it. Rain didn't mind. The words opened her heart anyway. He still fought, even when he had no opponent save for the whisper of leaves in the wind or the splash of water on rocks, and now when she watched him, she could see that his heart was open as he fought. She could read what he was trying to say.

He was always saying, "I love you."

Title: Hand and Fist
Pairing: Domon/Rain
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 210
Notes: More fluff.
Summary: After the fighting is over, a midnight conversation between Rain and Domon.

They lie under the stars at night on the ground of the world they are rebuilding. In nights like these, they are one: Domon and Rain, Rain and Domon. They have others when they need them, friends and companions waiting to support them, but in the glittering darkness, for a little while they need only each other. They lie there, next to each other, hand in hand.

One night, Domon speaks. "You know, Rain, you're kind of like a martial artist yourself."

"What are you talking about, Domon?" she asks, turning her head to look away from the glow of the stars and into the gleam of his eyes instead. "I'm a doctor and a mechanic. That's completely different."

"I'm talking about your soul," he says. "We communicate through our fists. I've never seen you make a fist, but you do something with your hands, too."

She looks at their hands, intertwined between their bodies. "What do you mean?"

"It's always been you," he said. "When I've faltered, I've always felt your fingers in mine. I know it now. That's where the strength in my fists comes from."

"Is it true?" she wonders. "Have I really been communicating with you that way all this time?"

"Yeah," he says. "Thanks, Rain."

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Loved these. ♥

I especially liked the second. Of course Domon wouldn't stop fighting just because he saved the Earth and got the girl. (:

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